SoftTech aims at being one of the key players in the field of smart card. For achievement of this target, it has ability to provide solutions to a variety of requirements by means of smart card solutions and, with the sound knowledge background in the matter, offer consulting service in generating the most suitable and quality solution.

Developed suitable to the multi-layer and service-oriented architectural approaches, the smart card solutions stand out among similar solutions due to their ability to operate in an integrated way with a number of hardware and third party software products such as Kiosk, ATM and POS etc.

Communication between the layers and components is performed via well-defined software interfaces. This feature of our smart card solutions allows development of new applications in an easier way and easy and cost-effective integration with the current applications already available in the enterprises. In other words, the enterprises may adopt the applications under our smart card solutions without having to dispose of their existing systems.

Smart cards are considered as the most basic component of the smart card solutions and the users should have these cards on them in order to use the applications. For each of the ever-increasing applications, the users should use a separate card most of the time. Equipped with a memory that can be formatted so as to support many applications, MIFARE smart card technology has brought important solution to this problem. Thus it has become possible to use the same card for different applications. Taking this facility a further one step forward, SoftTech is able to bring together the cards used for smart card applications and some other cards we frequently use in our life. For example, it allows use of the smart card you use when entering your office as a bank card at the same time or use of a credit card you use for shopping as a KGS card (Card Pass System) or even use of these cards as personnel or student ID cards.

Especially in the case of e-wallet applications (applications allowing for safe shopping with virtual money you store in your smart card), it is possible to load credit on the smart cards in a quick, reliable and easy way by using the Credit Loading Application at the Credit Loading Points such as POS and Kiosk. This application matches your smart card with your bank account enabling you to make fund transfer easily from your bank account to your smart card and vice versa.

In the card formatting application, desired features are added to your card and those not used are optionally closed off. For example, the card formatting application makes it possible to make the same card both e-wallet and a medium for storage of personal information.

Pass control application ensures that predefined cards pass through the specified gates or turnstiles within specified time frame, keeping records of such passes and delivering tally sheets for them.