Combining the experience it has in the banking applications with the abilities of the technology, SoftTech provides quality solutions to the financial sector. SoftTech is experienced in the range of software products for the Basic Banking Products such as Deposit, Credits (personal and business), Off-Branch Banking Channels (internet branch, ATM, POS, Kiosks, Telephone), Securities (Investment, Portfolio, Exchange Transactions, Treasury Bills, etc.), Retail Banking (e-wallet, Privileged Customers, KGS/OGS systems, Invoice Instructions, Customer Greeting, Efficiency and Profitability, Corporate Agreements, Campaigns), Accounting, Balance Sheet, Reporting, Cash Management, Fund Management, Data Warehouse, Branch System and a host of other banking products. 

Most of these software applications where safety and performance are very important matters, have been partly or completely designed and carried out by SoftTech and delivered to the customers.

Branches and customers of one of the biggest bank in Turkey still uses reliably and intensively a number of banking applications developed by SoftTech.