SoftTech provides the following solution packages to manage infrastructure of the credit card services offered by the banks and financial organization to their customers.

Credit Card Management Package

It contains all processes necessary for card operations of the organizations issuing credit cards, ensuring termination of such processes at high transaction volumes with the best performance criteria.

  • Chip card (EMV) management
    • PIN management
    • Risk management
    • Script management
    • Loyalty management
  • Acceptance of credit card
    • Mastercard
    • VISA
  • Card assignment/delivery and follow-up process
  • Affinity/cobranded card application
  • Company credit card application
  • Limit solution for flexible supplementary card/multiple currencies
  • Loyalty application
  • Lost/stolen card service management
  • Campaign system
  • Extract system
  • Monitoring and Preventing fraudulent attempts.

POS and Member Business Management Package

It is designed to fulfill the requests of the member business organizations in a way flexible, easy and quick to manage.

  • Loyalty application (interbank/on-us)
  • Different commission and cost solutions for different products involved in the business organizations
  • Financial connection of chain business organizations with single center/centers
  • Categorization of the business organizations by ownership structure
  • Commission and cost calculation in case of detailed refractions
  • Parametrical objection system
  • Account abstract solutions for business
  • Customized POS system solutions
  • POS server application
  • Virtual POS, Cash Register POS, Collection Provision system
  • POS equipment parameter management system
  • Day-end solution specific for business
  • POS inventory tracking system
  • Monitoring and Prevention of fraudulent attempts

Clearing System

It is a management module for clearing operations with the international card organizations (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc.) and local switch (BKM) centers.

  • Swap in Visa Base-II, Mastercard-IPM, BKM-YTHS formats
  • Easily interrogation and monitoring of all swaps together
  • Integration with the outgoing and incoming reports
  • Matching the declined and warning received operations with the actual operations
  • Resending facilities
  • SMS and e-mail alert mechanisms
  • Ease of adapting to changes in format
  • Easy integration into a new swap centers

SAFİR Application Solutions:

SAFİR payment systems package is consisted of modules to fulfill acquiring requirements of the credit cards end-to-end.

With these modules, SAFİR offers the banks facilities to create installment by flexible and different financial conditions, reward, special discounts and dynamic campaigns.

You may manage these facilities via member merchants having such hierarchy to meet any requirements that can be classified as desired and configured at different levels.

You may dynamically reflect on all processes any changes made at each level.

From the displays on the interface, you may monitor the member merchants and transactions performed via them in detail.

In addition to VISA and MasterCard products, it also supports the special cards and special solutions.

Modules :

  • Merchant Application Management
  • Merchant Management
  • Terminal Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Clearing Management
  • EMV and Script Management
  • Switch Management
  • Fraud monitoring and operation suspension management
  • STIP (Stand-In Processing) Management
  • SAFİR Monitoring Management

Basic Features:

  • Definition of parametric operation
  • Definition of special commission, installment and score specific to different product groups on basis of merchant
  • Parametric and hierarchic management of the merchant authorizations
  • Multiple-currency support
  • Early payment option
  • Key management between systems and terminals
  • Virtual POS support
  • Dynamic EMV script management
  • Smart campaign management
  • Online monitoring of the operations , detection and suspension of fraud situations with its comprehensive parametric structure
  • Terminal inventory management supported by multiple POS vendor
  • Authorization (STIP) with EMV verification  instead of card module
  • Integration with types of cash registers
  • Information about status of processes by SMS and e-mail
  • Real-time monitoring of the machines, applications, databases and communication network where Safir is installed.