One of the youngest members of İŞ Group, SoftTech transfers the experience and knowledge of İş Bank, accumulated through long years of operation, into the market in the form of hi-tech products and solutions in the information field. SoftTech accepts the prestige and reliability of the group as the most important power it has.

Aware of the fact that the road to the targets passes through not only the use of new technologies but also the research and development activities to advance the technology further, SoftTech allocates a considerable amount of resources to R&D studies.

SoftTech executes its projects with the teams of specialists. It organizes the projects so as to ensure the most effective utilization of the experience of the veteran employees in combination with the dynamism of the young employees. It takes using the human resources efficiently and duly as the basis of success.

SoftTech perceives its past success stories and its current references as the most important criterion of being strong and reliable. It gives great importance to satisfaction of its customers with whom it executes important projects, and uses their feedbacks in the most effective way to improve itself.

The project approach of SoftTech can be summarized as understanding, documenting, designing the customer requirements completely and correctly, and producing solutions to meet such requirements. Throughout the project works, all processes are recorded and documented, and the customer-approved progress method is accepted as basis. At every stage of the projects, the risk monitoring and quality management processes are applied uncompromisingly.