All projects undertaken by our company are evaluated with the project management approach structured in compliance with the PMI (Project Management Institute) standards by the Project Management Office. Our project approach is based on producing special solutions meeting the desired quality by understanding our customers’ requests correctly and completely.

In line with this target, with the purpose of identifying the requirements of the projects, ensuring that they are traceable, manageable, measurable, and repeatable as well as documenting the same clearly, SoftTech Business Analysis Unit executes the following sub processes.

  • Requirement development process agreement
  • Prerequirement development process
  • Detailed requirement development process
  • Documentation and approval process
  • Support process

While executing these processes, the following activities are performed:  

  • Identifying the requirement sources,
  • Determining the and modeling the existing process, conducting workshops,
  • Modeling the planned process,
  • Determining the interfaces, functions, behaviors, non-functional requirements, data model, design restrictions, and open issues of the software to be developed,
  • After determining the requirements, assigning priorities to and defining the relation among them,
  • Documenting and obtaining approvals for the analyses,
  • Supporting the design and software teams,
  • Supporting the system tests and product tests,
  • Preparing and/or supporting the preparation of the product support documents,
  • Giving the necessary trainings,
  • Developing and finalizing the requirements also for the maintenance activities when necessary
The projects are evaluated according to their sizes, durations, sources, training requirements, and customer requests, and managed in compliance with the processes special to SoftTech defined within the scope of CMMI 3.

CMMI is a competence and maturity model accepted as reference and defining what will be done and when it will be done. However, it suggests that ‘how it will be done’ is defined in accordance with the maturity level, dealing method, and culture of the organization. Accordingly, our company has created its project approach with a structure in which the standards are set, processes are defined, and effective management is provided.

The projects are handled, with a process-oriented approach, in a lifecycle in which each stage of the projects are recorded, and the Quality and risk Managements, which are supportive activities for achieving the services and products of the desired quality, are applied.