Sinerji is a modern enterprise collaboration, correspondence, document management and workflow management application that provides quick and uninterrupted communication inside and outside the organization.


Correspondence Management is a component of Sinerji which manages all corporate correspondence inside and outside the organization.
You may ensure that the organizations manage, monitor, complete and report the official correspondence quickly. You may considerably reduce significant cost items such as mail, transportation and document safety. You may expedite correspondence by transferring paper-based correspondence to the digital environment, and thus reduce paper cost, resulting in quick access to and share of information and documentation.  You may standardize the correspondence workflows; speed up communication operations; follow up official verification process digitally; provide quick access to information; distinguish the finished correspondence from the correspondence in progress; archives prescriptive correspondence automatically; monitor, complete and report the correspondence at each stage.

Support of Qualified Digital Signature is a very important advantage for integration of Sinerji Correspondence Management application with e-Government projects.


It is an electronic document archive application which ensures to store documents of the entire organization in digital environment and find them by inquiry; record all information in the document and perform control on access to documents. You may prevent unnecessary use of paper through storage of all official documents electronically, eliminating the filing costs. You may make it easy to have access to the desired document among millions of documents. It saves you time by ensuring you to have access to the documents and find the respective document by minimum effort.

You may achieve data integrity by preventing one to perform operation on a document while somebody else working on it.


It is an application for modeling, operating, reporting and improving the business processes. • You not only manage the processes, but also may achieve communication and orchestration of the business processes by sharing the process information with other systems. It provides necessary infrastructure for flexible, measurable and re-designable business processes.  


It is a work follow-up system where the authorizations for task definition and assignment are hierarchically defined with a verification mechanism suitable to the hierarchy. With Sinerji Task Management, you may manage activities performed in the enterprise according to the hierarchy of work, responsibility and task via Sinerji.

You may follow up the time spent by the employees on the works as well as work units on basis of projects and employees.

Thanks to its integration with Sinerji Correspondence Management, you may start work from the correspondence and monitor the same or correlate the letters with the works.


Qualified Electronic Signature feature enables all correspondence are performed safely and signed officially. This feature also makes it easy and quick to integrate with e-State applications.


This enterprise version of Sinerji Correspondence, designed in the form of a Software as a Service, enables access to the application without IT investment, thus creating significant cost advantages for the companies without IT unit.


It contains

  • More than 1100 branches
  • More than 60 general management units
  • More than 14,000 simultaneous sessions, and
  • More than 20,000 users.

By using Sinerji, the prestigious enterprises have reinforced their correspondence/document management and workflow infrastructure.