TCR device usage is increasing rapidly in the financial organizations, especially becoming widespread in the bank branches since the early 1980’s. With the Gişematik integration solution Gişematik, these machines are integrated with the banking system. The manually operated bank teller operations such as cash management and cash reconciliation are made automatic and, consequently, free of human error.

That the branches shall remain to be the primary sales channel for the banks has directed the banks almost throughout the world to make investment in the branch automation and develop branch efficiency. And it appears that these investments are not restricted with self-service equipment, but develop so as to cover more complex cash recyclers for use by the teller as well.

This application is a cash management tool which ensures safe count and storage of banknotes, distinguishes counterfeits from the real ones and allows terminating the teller operations quickly and safely. Thanks to this, the cash flow operations are expedited resulting in the reduced costs per cash desk and reduced waiting time in the queue.