“GullsEye Port Automation System: Increased Productivity in Port Automation"

GullsEye is a Port Automation Solution which provides increased customer satisfaction, reduced operational inefficiency in your sea port.

GullsEye Port Automation covers all services at your port including Container, RORO, General Cargo, CFS operations and Depot, Warehouse services.


GullsEye has a modular structure and dynamic design, hence has the ability of integration of new features. So, changing current services or adding new services and workflows in GullsEye Port Automation System is extremely simple within an interactive user design interface.

Port Design

Design module allows you to design:

  • Yard blocks and buildings in the yard,
  • Auto parks,
  • Quays,
  • Gate definitions,
  • Weighbridges,
  • Vessel stowage structure,
in a 3D-visual interface.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM module provides:

  • To define agencies, container lines, companies and subcontractors
  • To manage customer requests that can be received from different channels like e-mail, EDI, XML etc.
  • To monitor operational status of customer requests via web application;
  • To work by appointment system, avoiding complications which may arise during CFS-Area capacity planning,
  • Auto-notification services for agents and container lines about requests and results of gate and vessel operations.


GullsEye resource planning module provides

With GullsEye planning module,you may manage port resources in the following ways:

  • To plan yard blocks in different detail level using container attributes and predefined or customizable filters, resulting reduced re-handling costs and increased yard utilization  efficiency; by yard planning feature,
  • To organize the berthing operations to effectively use the quays and to plan quays by using vessel scheduling; by quay planning feature,
  • To reduce costs by effective use of the equipment, by equipment planning feature.

  Resource Planning  
  • Quay Planning
  • Yard Planning
  • Equipment Planning

    GullsEye operation planning module provides

    • To plan vessel operations like loading, discharge and shifting,
    • To plan yard operations like container handling  and CFS operations
    • To prevent unexpected circumstances that can arise during operation, user can simulate operations before operations actually realized by simulation feature;

    for reducing operation costs and increasing utilization.

      Operation Planning  
  • Vessel Loading Sequence Planning
  • Vessel Discharge Sequence Planning
  • CFS Operation Planning
  • Handling Planning


    GullsEye Optimization module provides:

    • Estimation of the most efficient order of loading and discharging sequence resulting
    • The shortest operation duration,
    • The most effective utilization of the equipment to prevent bottle-necks in container handling equipment,
    • Reduced re-handling costs and increased yard usage efficiency.
    • To allocate the most suitable yard position for the container at gate-entry;
    • To determine the most suitable container for gate-exit.
  • Container Yard Allocation
  • Create Vessel Loading Sequence
  • Create Vessel Discharge Sequence
  • Container Assignment at Gate Entry


    GullsEye Operation module provides visual management of the workflows for the services performed within the port. Thus you may:

    • start, track, pause, cancel operation;
    • observe status and current stage of the operation;
    • see work items on the equipment, transfer work item within equipment;

    Operation module provides:

    • Logging all operation details;
    • To perform all operations by handheld terminals, touch screens with wireless communication. Any delay or loss of data is avoided by secure communication infrastructure between users and departments,
    • Automating weighing operations fully integrated to weighbridges;
    • To calculate container weight by weighing truck when it is container loaded and empty.

      Workflow Management  
  • Defining Workflow
  • Flow Management
  • Work Item Management


  • Vessel Berthing
  • Vessel Loading
  • Vessel Discharge


  • Container Stuffing
  • Container Unstuffing
  • Container Inspection - Sampling


  • Gate Entry
  • Gate Exit
  • Weighbridge

    3D Port Monitoring

    GullsEye 3D Port monitoring module provides:

    • To view actual real-time state of the port;
    • To take a virtual 3D tour in the port;
    • To view yard occupancy, utilization and planning;
    • To view equipment utilization;
    • To view active work items assigned to all kind of container handling equipment or resources like RTG, Stacker, Weighbridge, Gate, Quay Cranes, Tallyman;
    • To view all kind of container handling equipment or resources in exact real position in port.
    • To access information easily with making use of advanced filtering features

    On 3D model.


    GullsEye Trade Module provides: 

    • To define the services being provided in the port;
    • To manage the quotations and contracts;
    • To generate of service invoices from accruements;
    • To integrate with third-party financial accounting systems.

  • Agency
  • Company
  • Subcontractor


  • Accruement Management
  • Invoice Management


      Financial Accounting  
  • Financial Accounting Integration


    GullsEye Management module provides:

    • To send messages with channels like SMS and e-mail using the message broadcasting technology and event subscription services.
    • To view executive dashboards from smart phone or PDA like iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.;
    • To view managerial and executive reports by the means of KPI, profitability, etc.

  • Performance Monitoring
  • Operation Monitoring;


      MIS (Management Information System)  
  • Activity Based Costing
  • Managerial Accounting Reports
  • Profit - Loss Analysis


    GullsEye Port Automation System is developed by our know-how about the most advanced software infrastructure. Our main focus on developing the GullsEye was User Experience Design. Following high-end technologies extremely used in production of GullsEye:

    • 3D modeling infrastructure;
    • User experience design for desktop applications and touch screen panel PC’s used on the equipment with Windows Presentation Foundation Library (WPF);
    • Simple, flexible and advanced workflow management with Windows WorkFlow Foundation Library (WF);
    • Advanced and user friendly mobile design with .Net Compact Framework;
    • Service-oriented architecture, Flexible and safe application infrastructure with Windows Communication Foundation Library (WCF);
    • Wireless communication architecture;

    With GullsEye Port Automation System, our target is to provide a solution to our privileged customers, to manage all business needs simply and effectively. We present our solution GullsEye; like a Gull’s Eye in your Sea Port orchestrating complex operations professionally and comprehensively.