Real Estate Portfolio Management Application is a solution for the companies of Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) to easily manage functions they may need with respect to real estate portfolio management.
It is a web application containing the functions that a company of REIT may require concerning real estate portfolio management and

  • Operates with the accounting system in an integrated way,
  • Facilitates the process and user management, and
  • Provides managerial and operational facilities by means of reports and warnings.

With the Real Estate Portfolio Management Application, the portfolio status, follow-up of income and cost in the scope of project and real estate, invoice information, security entries and exits, insurance operations, contractor-supplier progress and advance payments are managed and your portfolio may be monitored instantaneously.
Contents security, safe access, in-house authorization, record change archive, warning mechanism concerning tasks and assigned works, together with dynamic verification processes provide a sound, quality and reliable structure.


  • Real Estate Operations
  • Customer and Lessee Operations
  • Leasing Operations
  • Contractor Operations
  • Accounting Operations
  • Reports
  • Application Management Operations