With Card Express, No Need to Have Cash Money on You!

Card Express is a new generation e-wallet application allowing use of smart card at the universities instead of cash many.
With the features of Card Express, you may:

  • Perform quick and practical operations with the Kiosks equipped by skillful and rich user interfaces by use of smart cards
  • Yu may load credit to your smart card both from your bank card and credit card.
  • You may get service not only from Kiosk, but also from ATMs.
  • You may easily spend the amounts loaded to the smart cards without having to have cash on you.

Operations at the Credit Loading Points

  • Account Mapping
  • Cancellation of Account Mapping
  • Value (Virtual Money) Loading
  • Value (Virtual Money) Discharge
  • Display of Final Operations

Operations at the Credit Spending Point

  • Spending
  • Forwarding Abstract Account
  • Settlement Controls